Monday, December 1, 2008

Capturing memories!!

Sadly, one of our brown house snakes died this weekend. Bracelet was a honey who was great for demos cos she was a big Brown, and very calm. Her and her friend, Bangle, love to wrap themselves around your wrist, hence their names... This is not a photo of her as I have not taken photos of all of our animals, but this was an animal dropped off last week who had such stunning colouring that I couldn't not take a pic!! So, this is in memory of the beautiful Braclet - you will be missed!!


  1. oh my... i don't know what to say except, oh my! i really can't imagine how it is even to just relax if i see one, and here you are missing your bracelet! :o) i admire your courage... really!

    thanks for actively sharing ur thoughts in shewrites. really really appreciate it.

    anyway, got a new blog... it's like an anything goes blog, but ur thoughts would still mean a lot! do visit...maybe we can exchange links?


  2. I am sorry to hear about this beautiful creature dieing. I have a pretty corn snake that lives in my office at work. She likes to visit my desk when the boss leaves early.

  3. - Not sure if you saw it, but this one I thought might inspire you.

  4. What a beautiful snake!

    Congrats--you wrote the One-Minute Writing of the Day yesterday. :)