Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Capturing Vulnerability

Some of the 120 or so seal pups which were washed off the rocks in the severe storms the Eastern Cape experienced this festive season. They were brought into Bayworld where staff and volunteers looked after them until the weather calmed down enough to release them safely. 

Care for the month old pups included tubing them daily with supplements and to help keep them hydrated. It is hoped that the mothers will each find their little pup and as many as possible will survive. This will be monitored as all of them have been tagged.

How could you not love them and hope they survive at any costs when they look at you like this?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Capturing Friendship

This was the frog my "big brother" Mornay caught for me at camp. It is a Tandy's Sand Frog (Tomopterna tandyi), which is really cool cos Mornay is married to my "big sister" Tandy!! This is also a good photo for today because some friends were visiting from Cape Town today and their son is passionate about herps!! It was great fun showing them around the Snake Park! So today is all about friends and the fact that I love them all, even if they don't love herps...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Capturing the fight!!

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed by the way life seems like such a fight these days and wondering if it is even worthwhile continueing the fight. We went away this weekend and had an amazing weekend at a beautiful place and I am feeling much more positive and ready to battle again. This photo of the house we stayed in captures the fight well, as the house is fighting what appears at times to be a losing battle with the dune, yet it has not given up yet and is still standing!! So am I...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Capturing memories!!

Sadly, one of our brown house snakes died this weekend. Bracelet was a honey who was great for demos cos she was a big Brown, and very calm. Her and her friend, Bangle, love to wrap themselves around your wrist, hence their names... This is not a photo of her as I have not taken photos of all of our animals, but this was an animal dropped off last week who had such stunning colouring that I couldn't not take a pic!! So, this is in memory of the beautiful Braclet - you will be missed!!