Thursday, January 8, 2009

Capturing Family

This is Sampson, my puppy. He lives in Joburg with my parents and is about 8 years old, but he is mine and he is a puppy!! This is an old pic of him, but it is just too cute...
I will be visiting him (and my parents) in February so can get some good new photos of him then, with my cool camera!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Capturing Patriotism

Christmas present from one of my Homies (House mates!). It is a Yellowood, which is our National Tree! OK, so I am cheating saying that - our National Tree is the Real Yellowood, while this is actually an Outeniqua Yellowood (close enough in my opinion!!)
I am really stoked with the cool present, now just hope I can keep it alive (my fingers are not very green...)
Interesting point, the Big Tree on the way from PE to Plett is this same species, so one day my kids should have an awesome tree in their garden (first I need the garden and the kids though...)